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Flight Training Devices. For the aviation community.

Offering custom assembled Australian Category B approved fixed wing and helicopter synthetic trainers for instrument & visual flight training using software and hardware supplied by a leading European aviation simulator products developer, ESS (ELITE SIMULATION SOLUTIONS AG).

Simflight is the sole dealer and Agent for ESS in the Australasian region.

As the authorised Australasian Agent for Elite Simulation Solutions, Switzerland, we also offer their excellent mainstream software and hardware for use in your own computer at home or office or for use in your own flight simulator construction.

Support Pilot Services

This site also contains information on night flying Mike (lip) light & Finger Light range of products to assist pilots flying at night. Support Pilot Services, a SimFlight owned business, is an authorised distributor for US manufacturer, Seitz Scientific Industries, for the Australasian and NZ civil & military markets.

Support Pilot Services also offers a range of aviation services to the helicopter community. From advanced Check & Training, IFR flight training, IFR Simulator training, Approved Testing Officer and other consultative services.

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Recent Press

Simflight Demo Centre

Simflight's Demo Centre opens at Moorabbin Airport 1st of July this year.
The following models will be available for 'by appointment' demonstrations:

* Elite Airtrainer AT-11 (Fixed Wing CAT B approved self recency unit)
* Elite Airtrainer AT-11i (PI-135 based fixed wing full CAT B approved trainer)
* ELITE S623 MCC (Fixed Wing multi-crew flight training device)
* ELITE TH-100 (Rotary wing low cost full CAT B approved trainer)
* ELITE S623H (Rotary Wing full cockpit trainer - coming later this year)

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Upgrade to Prepar3D visuals

We all know that ELITE's strength is in it's flight dynamics, instrumentation and avionics integration but scenery has not been its best attribute.   Sure from an IFR point of view GenView and RealView are fine but if you want more immersive visual scenery, volumetric cloud texturing and third party scenery add-ons (commercial licencing may apply) then Lockheed Martin's Prepar3D ( is a great option with ELITE.   Get the best of both worlds, ELITE's excellent flight dynamics with P3D's scenery.  
A seperate computer networked to your ELITE computer is required to run P3D graphics.

So if you have a PI-135 based system (AT-11i) or a home recency unit (AT-11) or a RC-1 consider a P3D upgrade.   Here is an example of a simple ELITE- P3D setup:

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Australia's most popular EFB just got better with the release of Version 2.8 (and later) now with ELITE software compatability!
ELITE has created a free plug-in for all V8.6 Users that will allow ELITE Flight Training software to be used with OZRUNWAYS in Simulator mode. Now you can use your favourite EFB with your favourite ELITE flight training software and track your progress in the OzRunways maps and DAPS just like you do now in real world flying. If you do not have V8.6 go to the Downloads page to download the Plug-in in raw state requiring manual install, unzip and make sure you read the Readme file for instructions.  Support is not given for this version.  With Version 8.6 the plugin is included as a windows install with support.  Consider upgrading to V8.6.

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